Kenway Corporation Quality Assurance Program

Quality is at the center of Kenway Corporation’s philosophy. From the time fiberglass and resin raw materials enter our manufacturing facility until finished fiberglass products are installed, Kenway’s Quality Assurance Program builds excellence into every fabrication.

Starting with premium vinyl ester and epoxy resins and reinforcement materials selected for the specific application, Kenway personnel are constantly working to meet or exceed relevant ASTM, RTP-1, and/or project specific standards.

Field Service Quality Assurance

These same standards travel with our field service crews across North America so that you are assured your installations, linings or repairs will have the longest possible life expectancy.  To review the details of our program, feel free to contact our full time Quality Assurance Director or one of our Project Manager/Engineers.

Extensive training and technology development form the backbone of Kenway’s Quality Assurance program.  From their first days at work with a full time Training Technician to ongoing skill development through a range of Certified Composite Technician programs, Kenway employees are among the most qualified in the industry.  We even offer basic composite training services to the industry as well as advance Temperature Controlled Molding consulting through our TCM Composites division (