Bridge Construction and Infrastructure Construction Composite

Our national highway and bridge infrastructure systems are degrading at an alarming rate and high strength, corrosion resistant composites are the future. Kenway Corporation expertise in composite engineering and design and custom manufacturing has allowed it to pioneer a variety of solutions that are gaining rapid acceptance, including:

FRP Bridge Drains & Drainage Systems

Collaborating the Maine Department of Transportation, Kenway has developed a standard replacement to traditional steel bridge drains which corrode and compromise the concrete decks.  Also available are a wide range of scuppers, collection boxes and drain systems to suit a variety of bridge applications.

Composite Culvert Rehabilitation

Partnering with the University of Maine’s AEWC Advanced Structures & Composites Center, Kenway Corporation has developed an innovative composite rehabilitation system for the national highway systems rapidly corroding steel culverts ranging in size from 36”Ø to over 144”Ø.  Traditional concrete and slip-line repair system require extensive excavation, extended traffic disruption, and potential environmental impact.  But the Composite Culvert Rehabilitation System allows Kenway Corporation to pre-manufacture all required components, mobilize to the jobsite, and install the system in as little as a week.  Environmental impact and traffic disruption is dramatically reduced and the final installation is lower cost than current technology, allowing DOT budgets to accomplish more with less.  Importantly, Kenway Corporation can also custom engineer the system to include internal fish weirs, spot repairs, and fish ladder assemblies.  For more information, watch the following video and slideshow presentation.

AIT Arched Bridges

The AIT Arched Bridge System provides a systematic approach to bridge construction ideally suited for rapid installation of short-to-medium span bridges.  Kenway Corporation’s high-end vacuum infusion experience and extensive field services make the company the ideal partner for manufacturing the rigidified carbon fiber tubes that form the backbone of the bridge system.  A short-span bridge can be built in Augusta, Maine and shipped to the jobsite for rapid installation while a medium-span bridge exceeding 100 lineal feet can be manufactured onsite in just a week.  For more information visit or watch the following video.

Pier and Column Rehabilitation

Decay and marine borers cause millions of dollars of damage to wood pilings and waterfront structures each year.  And increased salt concentrations on the nation’s highway system prematurely corrode concrete piers and columns, straining DOT budgets.  Kenway Corporation’s extensive industrial field service experience has allowed the company to develop rehabilitation techniques that provide structural reinforcement and corrosion/decay protection for concrete and wood.  Partnering with the University of Maine’s AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center, Kenway had implemented a durable method of repairing in situ deteriorated wood piling using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite splices that was developed by University researches.  Likewise, the company has demonstrated the ability to engineer composite wraps that protect concrete from corrosion, provide structural reinforcement, and extend the service life.