Renewable Energy Composite Engineering

Composite Design and Technology Services

Renewable energy is the future, and the combined corrosion resistance, high strength, and light weight of engineered composites provides the optimal solution. Kenway’s custom composite engineering, composite design, and manufacturing expertise makes the company the ideal partner for projects ranging from the R&D phase to full-scale commercial installations.  Recent deliveries range from tidal power generation components, to foils and blades, to composite support structures.

TCM Composites, a division of Kenway Corporation, was founded to provide manufacturing process and technology services for companies adopting the latest in Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP) technologies, which are particularly suited for wind turbine blade and component manufacturing.  By incorporating the TCM process with CRP nanotechnology, composites manufacturing is revolutionized.  For more information visit

Kenway Corporation is a founding member of the Maine DeepCwind Deepwater Offshore Wind Consortium as well as the Maine Wind Industry Initiative.