TCM Composites

Discover the Advantage of Temperature Controlled Molding™

TCM Composites provides manufacturing process and technology services for companies adopting the latest in Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP) technologies. Through ongoing research and development, we have discovered that without “The Advantage of Temperature Controlled Molding”, the ability to both heat and cool the molds, CRP nanotechnology is not effective. But by incorporating the TCM™ process with CRP  nanotechnology, then composites manufacturing is revolutionized.

The concept is simple: Use an efficient BTU transfer media to both heat and cool your molds, thereby eliminating ambient conditions from the composite manufacturing equation. The execution of this simple concept and avoiding the need to repeat 10-years of learned lessons is where TCM Composites adds value to our customers.

TCM Composites Provides Solutions:
  • Providing TCM™ Consulting, Training & Employee Development
  • Partnering with TCM™ Licensing, Contract Manufacturing & Joint Venture R&D Programs
  • Manufacturing Temperature Controlled Molds & Tooling
Combine the TCM™ process advantage with Controlled Radical Polymerization to experience:
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Faster production times
  • Enhanced physical properties
  • Extended gel times
  • Managed exotherm temperatures
  • Cure-on-demand control
Technical Data Sheets
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