Fiberglass Tank & Tower Installation

Composite & FRP Tank, Tower, & Stack Installation

Kenway specializes in the fabrication and then onsite field installation of new and replacement tanks across the United States. Through Finite Element Analysis, our Project Engineers have developed proprietary “oblation” techniques so that we can transport and install hand lay-up or filament wound tanks exceeding 24’0. Because of our extensive Quality Assurance Program, the onsite assembly will meet or exceed the same standards as the shop fabricated vessel. Whether working with the onsite contractor or providing turnkey service, Kenway has a history of “squeezing” large tanks into small places.

Examples include:
  • Replacing a 21’0x14’0 vessel then the access was only 8’x10′ and the headroom clearance was under 15’0;
  • Manufacturing  and installing (3) 9’0x20′ tanks more economically than the 316L stainless steel alternative;
  • Or fabricating a 20’x30′ storage vessel in Augusta, Maine, including ladder and top platform, shipping the components to South Carolina, and then assembling and installing the completed tank.