FRP & Fiberglass Flooring

Panels for Light Rail & Public Transit

Kenway Corporation is rapidly becoming a leader in fire safe composite floor and panel systems for light rail and public transit vehicles. Building on 50 years of composite engineering and manufacturing experience, the company has developed a light weight durable composite panel system with excellent fire, smoke and toxicity performance that addresses the problems inherent in traditional plymetal flooring. Kenway composite floor panels are ideal for new manufacturing along with repair and refurbishment of existing fleets.

Advantages of the Kenway Composite Floor Panel Systems

  • Superior resistance to moisture penetration
  • High strength and stiffness to weight ratios
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding damage tolerance and impact resistance
  • Reliable dimensional stability
  • Accepts mechanical fasteners and adhesive bonding
  • Easily modified for retrofit applications
  • Fully sealed edge details
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation properties
  • Meets flame, smoke and toxicity requirements

Kenway Capabilities

  • Vacuum Infusion Processing for Enhanced Physical Properties
  • Phenolic, Tecnofire┬«, and Chartek┬« Fire Protection Options
  • Wide Variety of Sizes and Shapes for Installation Efficiency
  • Laminate Design, Engineering, and Testing Capabilities for Panel Optimization
  • Engineering Analysis for Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Phenolic, Vinyl Ester, Acrylic and Epoxy Resin Matrix Expertise

Kenway Composite Panels Meet or Exceed Customer Requirements for:

ASTM C-297 ASTM C-365 ASTM C-273 ASTM C-393
ASTM D-4060 ASTM E-119 ASTM E-162 ASTM E-662
ASTM E-1354 Bomardier SMP800C FRA 49 CFR 238