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Cluster Rule compliance…

MACT I cluster rules require the collection of all HVLC non-condensable gases.  While many pulp mill washers have hoods, this existing equipment allows a high percentage of fumes to exhaust to the atmosphere and therefore does not meet the new requirements.  Kenway Corporation’s hood allows for positive collection of fumes while minimizing outside air infiltration and maintaining ease of use.

The Kenway solution…

  • Maximizes positive collection of process gases
  • Minimizes treatment of non-working air thereby decreasing loading and reducing operating costs
  • Recirculates working air to improve efficiency
  • Integral plenum, reinforcing ribs, and air doctor cross-over piping reduces exterior clutter
  • Allows for ease of operation and maintenance with hinged/latched/gasketed inspection and sampling doors
  • Proprietary shower pipe sealing arrangement allows for easy adjustment and replacement
  • Designed for vacuum levels from 0.5” to 8.0” w.g.
  • Tested air infiltration rates under 100 SCFM

Custom design and fabrication…

From the engineers, to the mold fabricators, to the composites technicians, to the field service specialists, Kenway Corporation has a long history of providing the expertise required by the pulp and paper industry.

A variety of proven designs…

Flanged and Bolted Hoods:  Lightweight and easy to install, these hoods provide the ultimate sealing capabilities.  Panel design allows for the hood to be removed as one piece or as individual sections for maintenance access.

Overlapping Sectional Hoods:  This proprietary connection system eliminates the need for bolts, making quick access to the equipment available in a matter of minutes.  Removal of inlet and repulper sections during maintenance allows for unimpeded air flow which meets or exceeds that of gull wing style hoods while eliminating the safety concerns of a suspended load.

Gull Wing Style Hoods:  For the customer who requires the traditional gull wing style, Kenway’s hinge technology allows for the necessary sealing requirements and incorporates important safety features.

The Kenway team can work with you to combine the features required for your specific application.

Highest quality materials…

Kenway hoods incorporate premium corrosion resistant and fire retardant vinyl ester resins as well as engineered E glass fabrics that allow for lightweight, high strength hoods with the maximum service life.  Standard hardware includes 316ss and standard gasketing incorporates EPDM, Gortex®, and silicone sponge.  Other materials used upon request.

Tested and proven…

Before Kenway ships its hoods they are assembled and tested to minimize onsite installation times and ensure a close fit.  Also available is structural and air infiltration testing to document the stated design.

Kenway Corporation Low Air Infiltration Washer Hood Technical Bulletin