Tank Fabrication, Tower Fabrication, & Stack Fabrication

FRP Tanks, FRP Towers, and FRP Stacks

Kenway Corporation tank, tower, and stack fabrication capabilities are built around custom design/build applications that cannot be satisfied by a high volume FRP manufacturers.  Our ability to customize the laminate on a case-by-case basis means that each customer receives the tank best suited for their specific application.  Our engineers design per the relevant ASTM and ASME RTP-1 tank standards and are particularly skilled at coordinating site installations.  Kenway Corporation filament wound tanks can be as large as 14’Ø while hand lay-up tanks can exceed 20’Ø.

Upflow or Pre-Retention Tower:  A long-term Kenway pulp and paper customer was embarking on a facility upgrade which included a larger capacity upflow tower.  Engineers determined that the existing diameter was sufficient but the tower height should be increased from 60’ to 135’.  Since the existing tower was in like new condition, Kenway recommended adding an additional 80’ to the bottom of the tower, using the existing equipment as the new top section.  This custom engineered solution provided Kenway’s customer a significant cost-savings for the overall project.

Conical Dye Tanks: A Kenway customer based in the Southeast United States was implementing a process change that required (4) 9’Ø and (9) 13’Ø specialty conical bottom storage tanks.  Starting with the customer’s requirements, Kenway proceeded to engineer and fabricate specialty galvanized steel support systems as well as dome reinforcements for mixer equipment.  To minimize transportation and handling costs, Kenway then engineered specialty shipping cradles that also facilitated ease of installation at the customer’s facility.