Field Services

Kenway Corporation supports its FRP manufacturing capabilities with a full range of field services. From mobilizing a (2) person crew for a weekend emergency repair to managing a (60) person maintenance outage with a range of installations, linings, and repairs, Kenway has the personnel and equipment required to complete FRP field service projects on or ahead of schedule, under budget, and within the highest quality standards.

Equipment Linings

Kenway’s field service crews specialize in high quality rehabilitation of worn fiberglass, tile and steel vessels. We firmly believe that only 100% hand lay-up installation (no chopper gun application) provide the highest quality corrosion resistant laminates and the longest possible service life. Whether it’s a vat, pre-retention tube, tank, absorber, or any other piece of equipment requiring an FRP corrosion barrier or structural reinforcement, Kenway Corporation has the equipment and experience to restore your aging equipment. See our “Field Linings” sell sheet for case histories.

Tank Installations

Kenway personnel specialize in the onsite installation of new and replacement tanks. Through Finite Element Analysis, our Project Engineers have developed proprietary “oblation” techniques so that we can transport and install hand lay-up or filament wound tanks exceeding 20’Ø. And because of our extensive Quality Assurance Program, the onsite assembly will meet or exceed the same standards as the shop fabricated vessel. Whether working with the onsite contractor or providing turnkey service, Kenway has a history of “squeezing” large tanks into small places. Examples include: replacing a 21’Øx14’0” vessel then the access was only 8’x10’ and the headroom clearance was under 15’0”; or building and installing (3) 9’Øx20’ tanks more economically than the 316L stainless steel alternative. See our “Tank Installations” sell sheet for case histories.

Piping/Duct Installations

Purchasing your piping/duct system from a high quality manufacturer such as Kenway is only the first step in acquiring a low maintenance FRP piping/duct system. By selecting Kenway Corporation’s project managers to engineer the installation (including field measurements and hanger systems) and Kenway Corporation’s field service technicians to complete the field wraps, you can be assured that the installed system meets or exceeds the quality of the components delivered to the site. Kenway personnel can work with your onsite contractor and engineer or provide turnkey project management from design to start-up. See our “Piping Projects” sell sheet for case histories.

Equipment Modifications

Whether installing an FRP nozzle on an existing pipe line, modifying a tank, adding accessories to an FRP hood or cover, Kenway personnel can assist in the design and completion of your project

Examples of our services include:
  • The On-the-Run Installation: A New England power plant was having problems with its cooling water system and needed additional gauges installed to assess the situation. Kenway Corporation coordinated a (1) man installation crew with a contractor who specialized in “hot taps” so that a series of 2”Ø flanged connections could be installed and the drilled out while the 40 psi system remained fully operational.
  • Tank Modification: After a process upgrade a customer realized that their existing tank was not sufficient in order to support the volume of product required. Furthermore, they had just completed a host of expensive piping modifications and did not want to disturb the lower 4’0” of the vessel. While the tank could not be increased in height, Kenway Corporation proceeded to design a vessel modification that included a 7’Ø to 12’Ø conical transition and then 8’0” of new 12’Ø straight wall and dome top. Complicating matters was that these components needed to fit through a 8’0”x10’0” door in the building before they could be brought to the tank site. Prior to building the components, Kenway Corporation ran through a broad range of design considerations and completed a detailed Finite Element Analysis to identify the critical load areas. Once the components were complete Kenway Corporation expert field service crews completed the demolition and new assembly, assuring that installation met or exceeded the specifications.
  • Washer Hood Additions: After modifying their process, a pulp mill customer realized they needed to add doors, move lights and change their shower pipe sequencing on an existing bleach washer line. After gathering all the required field measurements, Kenway manufacture all the required components, including low infiltration splash shields, gasketed doors, and light/window brackets and frames, so that the new equipment could be installed during the facility’s maintenance outage.

Emergency Repairs

Kenway understands that when equipment fails, immediate response is necessary. Our project management team and field service crews are available 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week for whenever you need emergency repairs completed. Consider our Pulp and Paper customer in South Carolina who called on a Friday morning and had just broken a 24ӯ stock line and was in the process of shutting down their system. That afternoon Kenway had personnel on an airplane and late that evening they were assessing the extent of the required repairs even before operations personnel could let them have access to the repair site. By the end of the following day, the mill was up-and-running and by the following week Kenway had submitted a report that included an assessment of the existing piping system and recommendations so that the situation did not occur again. Whether piping, tanks, or other FRP equipment call on Kenway Corporation for immediate response.